TerraLUX Welcomes Our Brightest Flashlight Yet

The InfiniStar DR was designed with one overarching goal in mind: to outshine all other flashlights. As the newest product in our already impressive suite of portable offerings, the DR is the final word on professional flashlight functionality.

The DR has the brightest output of our flashlights to date with 1,000 lumens of usable lighting – that’s more than 33x the average lumens per watt in a drugstore flashlight. Featuring Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries and a run time of up to two hours, the DR is always available when you need it. And with a modular design and upgrade path that allows any future technologies to be upgraded directly into your flashlight, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on the latest features.

Get ready for a revolutionary flashlight – brighter, stronger and more durable than ever with upgrade functionality built right in. Invest in a TerraLUX InfiniStar DR and never worry about buying another flashlight.