TT-5 Holster

My apologies on the delay, between the 4th of July and the other events we’ve had going on in Baltimore (aside from all of the normal summer shootings) i’ve been pretty busy. I absolutely love the holster and the TT-5. I’ve been on midnights all summer, not every street in Baltimore City has street lights and finding house numbers is a challenge with the vehicle spot light. With the TT-5 i can literally blast the house with light and see the numbers from the road with ease. I’ve attached two pictures of how i carry the holster on my belt.

I’ve been in two full out foot chases so far and never had to worry about the light coming out of the holster, the fact that the holster covers most of the light also helps protect it. At the same time the holster being the size that it is allows me to put it in the front of my belt making it easy for me to grab and turn on without having to fumble with a button snap (or thinking “am i grabbing my light or my pepper spray?”).

The only real issue I’ve found is i had to always look down to re-holster the light. This is only due to the spurs on the bezel would sometimes grab the top edge of the holster if i didn’t slide it back in perfectly straight. After a few times pulling the light out i began putting the light back in without looking so it’s nothing really critical.

Everyone on my shift I’ve used the light around always asks me where i got the light from and how much was it (some officers use $200+ surefire lights to replace the not-so-great streamlight stingers we’re issued). This light and holster have definitely made my job a little easier.

Dave R.