TT-5 Testimonial. Amazing!

Hi there
Wanted to shoot an email to let ya know how in love with this light I am.
I work at an airport here in CO and have used many different flashlights in the past. I was in Kinsco
In Longmont and Angie sold me a TT-5 light. I have never spent 130 dollars on a light and I was a bit
Reserved to try it but I am sure glad I did. Blown away by this light. I can see the tactical benefits of this
Light, however working at an airport we have found many more uses for it. It continues to impress
And blow me away. I work on the ramp, parking, fueling and servicing aircraft from small single engine
Aircraft to 757 charters.
I wanted to share some experiments we have done with this light as I think you will find them interesting.
One night we decided to test how far you can see the strobe from. Using the help from a medical helicopter
Coming back from Steamboat Springs, we determined he could see the strobe from 43 miles away. He of course
Was high in altitude but could tell us when the strobe was on, and when we shut it off from that far away. Obviously
It did not “light up” the helicopter but he was able to see it through the lights of Loveland and over to the airport.
That got us thinking, we then took a general aviation aircraft at night, took off using the lights from the aircraft.
While landing we turned off the aircraft landing lights, and used the TT-5 holding it out the window and actually
Was able to land the plane using only the flashlight. (bit crazy I know but it’s a line guy thing) We determined that the
Single LED light was brighter than the 5 lights installed on the aircraft itself.
When an aircraft becomes covered in snow and ice, we are required to “de-ice” it. This requires some heavy equipment
And quite a bit of fluid. It occurs mostly at night and requires several lights from the truck to actually see the ice while spraying.
We took the flashlight one night and used it in addition to the lights on the deice truck to inspect for ice. I was blown away as this
Light actually showed ice that the truck lights did not!! Due to the brightness, this light actually allowed the ice to reflect and
Made it very easy to see the ice build up.  
What an unbelievable light!!!!
Im ordering a TLH-50 from Kinsco this week and look forward to experimenting with it as well. We plan on testing crush limits
On my current headlamp using an aircraft tug, once my  TLH-50 arrives!!
Customer for life!!!
Thank you for your time,
Jay Dixon