Infinistar DR

I recieved a product sample of the Infinistar DR 1000 lumen rechargeable flashlight about 3 weeks or so ago and have been using and abusing it since. I am a Firstresponder with Fire and EMS as well as a Military Security officer for the State of Vermont patrolling our training lands and installations and needed an extremely durable and bright lighting instrument. I have been torturing this poor light since I have had it in sub zero conditions and have found it to be super reliable and functional the rubber grip on the Barrell makes for a sure grip in wet and icy conditions without the aluminum housing transferring the cold to your hand. About the construction of the light I would say nearly bullet proof very thick wall construction and when you pick it up it screams i’m RUGGED although not rated to be waterproof I have found by rotating the rubber ring over the charge outlet that it keeps out most water and dirt ( I dropped it into a puddle the first day I had it and no intrusion) Insanely bright I was able to light up an entire motorvehicle scene with this light!!! during one of my National guard weekend trainings we rigged it up to a .50 Cal M2-HB flex machine gun on a HMMWV and used it as a modified weapon light thousands of rounds later still works fine no vibration issues. OK here is my suggestions for improvements,, A traffic cone would be awesome as well as strobe mode. either a spare battery with cradle charger for battery or a clip in rapid charger for light that can accept a spare battery on charge would be great although a 2 hour run time is fine I have had a couple of shifts where I ran it down completely and had to revert back to my back up light or perhaps find some way of making it work with CR 123 batteries as well as a back up power source. But to sum it up a great product with a great price to value point I dare say in my 22 plus years in public safety I have yet to encounter a product as well built and functional as your product I would definately endorse and recomend this product to any one any other products you would like tested in austere conditions feel free to let me know I am headed to a two month training rotation with the national guard in mid april Thanks again for making such kick butt products keep up the great work

Spc.Jerome M Duchaine Advanced EMT FF-1 FPO-1