TerraLUX, Inc. designs, patents, manufactures, and distributes LED-based lighting solutions for portable and general illumination applications. 

Born from a rich tradition of technology innovation in solid state lighting, TerraLUX  builds its expertise into every product and component it makes. Our LED flashlights and work lights are perfect for users demanding:

  • High brightness
  • Small form factor
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • High fidelity color rendering (high CRI)
  • Competitive pricing

For portable lighting needs, our line of LED flashlights , LED work lights and LED conversion kits incorporate super-bright LEDs with patented “smart” circuitry to deliver professional grade performance and reliability without the professional grade price.  Check out our current lineup of LED portable lighting products today.

Looking for general illumination products?  Visit TerraLUX Illumination for more information on our LED light engines and LED modules for general illumination applicaitons.