You may not be into solid state lighting technology…but we are. We pack our flashlights and work lights chock full of our patented LED technology so that you just push the button and your light works right every time.

TerraLUX patented its LED thermal control circuitry called LEDSense® because it does some pretty cool stuff in a flashlight.  For example, no matter what the ambient or operating temperature of your device, LEDSense® guarantees you get the maximum light output at all times, even when your batteries are running low.


Click on the icon for the LEDSense® Thermal Management Video.


“Forever” light sources
Because LEDs don’t break and burn out like incandescent and halogen bulbs, they last a long time. And because TerraLUX protects those LEDs with some pretty sophisticated drive electronics,you’ll probably NEVER have to replace them. That’s nice considering you probably don’t schedule periodic outages for your light.

High quality LED output
TerraLUX uses the best LED light sources for the job. That means when you need true color representation, there’s a high CRI (color rendering index) light available from TerraLUX.

Rugged yet useful design
Our flashlights are tough because we designed them that way, but we didn’t sacrifice the little things to make them durable. Our aircraft grade aluminum housing designs are built to last. They’re also built to feel great in your hand, resist harsh environments and moisture, prevent rolling when placed on smooth surfaces, and for some models, allow you to hold it with your teeth without racking up dental bills.